3 Ways to use Web Browser on Roku and Best Web Browsers For Roku

Web Browser

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to use a web browser in Roku devices and what is the best web browser to use for Roku.

If you have a Roku device, do you want to do web browsing with it? Or do you want to use a search like Google to find something?

So the highest demand of Roku users is to provide a web browser. Unfortunately, there is no local web browser with the Roku device.

However, Roku has two browser channels. Reddit Browser and Media Browser. They are not the average browser. The Media Browser lets you watch movies, TV, and music, while the Reddit Browser lets you watch Reddit notes.

Although there are illegal ways to add a web browser to Roku, we do not approve of such methods. Therefore, a casting method can be used to use the web browser for Roku. All of those methods are listed below.

Roku remote

How to use a web browser on Roku using an Android or iPhone

The method we teach here can be used on both iPhone or Android OS.

Here you can use features like SmartView which are in the Android product.

In this case, you have to cast the phone screen to the Roku TV and display the web browser on the phone.

1 The first thing to do here is to download the Web Video Cast app from your Android, Apple phone.

Google Play logo
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2 Then search for Web Video Cast in the Roku Channel Store and add that app to your Roku device.

3 Now the process can be started. Connect your Roku device and phone to the same Wifi network.

4 Now open the Web Video Cast app from the phone and go to the browser through the three dots in the upper left corner > then the web browser will open.

5 Then click on the Cast icon in the right corner. > Then your Roku device will show up there.

6 Click on it and connect. Then the browser with Web Video Cast will be displayed on the Roku-connected TV.

7 Now you can do web browsing with it.

How to use a web browser on Roku using a Windows and Mac

Amazon Firestick on table

Another way to get an Internet browser for Roku devices is to cast or mirror the screen using a Windows or Mac device. The complete process for this is given below.

What happens here is casting to Roku through the Chrome browser.

1 To do this you must first connect your Windows / MAC device and your Roku device to the same Wifi network.

2 Then open the Google Chrome browser from the Windows / MAC device.

3 Now click on the three dots in the upper right corner and go to the Cast option from its drop-down menu.

4 It now shows the Roku device (because it is connected to the same Wifi network)

5 Click on the name of your Roku device and connect.

6 Now your Windows / MAC screen appears on the Roku screen. It now appears on Roku TV when you browse the Web from your computer.

This method can be used for both Windows / MAC OS.

Another way to use the web browser for Roku devices (using Windows 10)

This method uses a feature of the Windows operating system.

The process is shown below.

1 First connect your Windows computer and Roku device to the same Wifi network.

2 Then click on the notification icon in the lower right corner of Windows 10.

3 Click on the project feature (Win + P)

4 will show you some of its options.

5 None of them, click the “Connect to a Wireless Display” button below

Windows Screen

6 Then your Roku device will show up there. Click on it and it will connect.

7 After a while your Windows screen will show up on Roku TV.

Now open your web browser and you can do web browsing. It can then be seen on the Roku screen.

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Frequently Asked Question

Does Roku have a Web Browser

Roku does not have a built-in web browser that can be inserted directly into the or built-in locally.

But there are ways to use a web browser. You can easily do web browsing on Roku by casting using a secondary device (computer or phone).

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The best web browsers for Screen mirroring and use for Roku devices

Web Browser

Opera Browser

This web browser is one of the best web browsers you can use for web browsing. Opera Browser supports a unique operating system and provides you with a unique VPN service for free. It also includes a Youtube Video Popup feature.

Web Video Cast

This Web Video Cast Browser is the best web browser you can cast and use for Roku. Here you have the option to cast directly.

In addition to Roku, it also supports Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, and other Stremming devices.

In addition to web browsing, you can also stream local videos. But the downside here is that it does not support a lot of TAb.

Media Browser For Roku

This can be found in the Roku Channel Store, which is a web browser. This includes local movies, music, TV.

This browser has a very good user interface and is actually just an internet video browser.

The Roku Channel

This app can be found in the Channel Store on the Roku device. Here’s a great way for you to find news, music, and favorite content.

There will be regular updates to keep users entertained.

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Is there a free web browser for Roku?

Roku devices do not include a native web browser. Includes Media Browser and Reddit Browser 2 only. They are not browsers made to browse the web.

So you need to Using the web browser using the cast option. There are plenty of free web browsers you can use. A few of them are seen above.

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