5 differences between Android TV and Satellite TV

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In this guide, we will talk about the difference between android tv and satellite tv.

What is the Android TV

The uniqueness of Android TV is that the Android OS is embedded in the TV. So you can have a very similar experience to the Android phone through the TV.

But since the purpose of television is not to make calls or send SMS, it is a device used for full entertainment. So you can see a lot of applications for that on Android TV.

Since Android is made with Google, Google’s applications can be easily used for this Android TV, as well as devices with Android smartphones and Wear OS.

Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, and many more apps that can be customized for your country can be used on Android TV. So let’s talk below about the pros and cons of Android TV and satellite TV.

What is the Satellite TV

satellite in building

Satellite television is simply a specialized broadcast distribution based on the use of a space satellite to deliver signals. There are various satellite services operated by companies that signal for this from a satellite outside the Earth’s atmosphere. We’ll talk more below.

Android TVs are easy to operate

You can easily use an Android TV or Android TV Box to activate an Android TV. So you can use the remote control to activate the Android TV you bought. It gives you an experience similar to browsing on an Android phone. The only difference is the control by the remote control.

When using satellite TV

Using satellite TV is a more complicated experience than using Android TV. Android TV can be easily connected to the Internet, and satellite TV requires a satellite dish.

You need to turn your satellite dish to the desired angle and get its signal to your TV with the help of a cable. Therefore, it is more work compared to Android TV.

Android TVs’ built-in Google Assistant

This is a feature that is specific to Android TV. Having Google Support on your TV can do a lot for you. For example, you can easily hear the weather, time, etc. on TV.

You can also use your android TV to control smart lights, speakers, cameras, etc. You can easily request content from the Google Assistant as episodes or episodes with different actors through different apps. Don’t forget that updates are coming soon on your mobile phone as well as on your smart TV. So do not be afraid to buy an Android TV.

Satellite TV will give you sharp images

You probably know that if you use a standard antenna you will not get such high-quality pictures. However, if you use a satellite TV, you will be very happy with the picture quality.

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Access to a wide range of applications on Android TV

android tv interface

Android is primarily an operating system for phones. But this is also maturing for television. This Android TV concept, which is directly linked to Google technology, is slowly maturing.

There are many applications that can be used for Android TV and their content is huge. For example, Youtube, Netflix, Spotify. We have previously posted a guide to the best apps for smart TVs.

Content to watch on satellite TV


What happens here is that the company providing the relevant service provides the Channel customers as a package. Here are hundreds of channels to give you. But you also have to watch the ads on this. Here you can watch channels of different categories and you should watch what is going on there. So you lose a little bit of your viewing freedom. But not so with Android TV, but you will have to work hard to find good content on Android TV.

Supports games for Android TV

This can be described as something that cannot be done on other TVs. You can go to the Play Store on Android TV, download games that support TV, and play them. The fact that you can handle those GAmes using the mouse and keyboard is also unique.

Games can never be played on satellite TV. It is a Broadcast System, and the only benefit is the on-screen display.

SATELLITE TV can be viewed from anywhere

First of all, let’s talk about the convenience of watching Android TV. Android TV runs entirely on the Internet. Therefore, without the Internet, Android TV is useless.

If you have an Android TV you should definitely buy an internet service.

But even if you are far away and have no internet access, you can still use satellite TV if you can get electricity. It is signaled by a satellite so you can be very satisfied with the quality of the pictures.

Therefore, the service of satellite TV is also required.

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Ability to use satellite tv for regular TV

Android TV is a smart TV. Therefore, the price of these smart TVs is usually high. Android TV can also be used on regular TVs. It is using something like an android tv box.

But using a satellite TV dish brings the signal to your TV. Between the satellite dish and the tv, there is a small device in the service provider. So you can easily use satellite TV even on a non-smart TV. It’s an old CRT TV but you can enjoy it via AV cable. It is a great benefit.

How To Use Android TV For Normal TV

android tv box

Android TV can also be used on any TV with HDMI. All you need is an Android TV box. You can buy Android TV Box at the lowest price in the market today. It is even cheaper than Android TV. Using it, you can easily convert your regular TV into an Android TV.

Cost for Android TV

An Android TV is usually a bit more expensive, but it’s not so much a problem because of the features it offers.

If you have an Android TV, you will definitely need an internet connection. So you have to spend on the internet too. And if you use paid apps like Netflix, Spotify on Android TV, you will have to pay for it too.

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Cost for satellite TV

You have to buy a dish for satellite TV and pay only a certain extra amount per month. After purchasing the dish from the company you wish to serve, you can continue to use it.

Satellite TVs are better than cable TVs

As mentioned earlier, you probably see Android TVs better. But satalite TV is better than cable TV.

Cable TV may not be available in some areas. (Due to practical issues) but satellite TV can be used in those areas. That is why it is useful.

Another thing is the inability to troubleshoot with cable TV. Satellite TVs are easier to troubleshoot than cable TVs.

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