Best Way to Clean Your TV Screen

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If you have a newer flat TV or an older CRT TV, it will stay dusty over time and affect its image quality.

If you go to wipe such dust, you may accidentally accidentally damage your television with a mistake. Therefore, through this article, we will make you aware of it.

What not to do during cleaning

  • Don’t scratch it
  • Do Not Damage The Special Optical Choosing
  • Be careful not to tear the pixels under the screen
  • Do not allow the fluids to enter the interior

Be careful not to do the above, you need to be thoughtful and as neutral as possible.

Materials for cleaning the screen

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Dry electrostatic cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning liquid (water or other)
Clean television in homes

Cleaning the Television screen

First, turn off your TV, then if it’s hot, let it cool down. Be careful not to turn on the TV when following these steps.

Apply a soft stain on the screen with a dry electrostatic cleaning cloth until all the dust has cleared

Apply a small amount of the cleaning solution directly into the microfiber cloth. (Do not give the screen). Then take a piece of cloth and wipe it uniformly across the screen from top to bottom. (Make sure no liquid is inserted into the gap between the screen and the frame)

Then take the other microfiber cloth and gently polish it across the screen. Care should be taken not to give any pressure to the screen during polishing.

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